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The FLYER U Series incorporates FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT). This allows harmonious and perfect tuning of the motor with the battery and includes the large and uncluttered FLYER D1 display and the intuitive layout of the FLYER RC1 remote. Both components were developed by FLYER.

Dynamic, high-tech, individual, stylish, aesthetically pleasing and elegant, the FLYER U Series reflects the spirit of the time. The unique architecture of this e-bike is based on FIT - FLYER Intelligent Technology. The meticulous synthesis of all components forms a perfect whole with an unmistakeable character. The ground-breaking integrated multi speed assist system, a motor with a two-gear unit, for the first time considerably expands the total gear ratio and provides greater torque on the back wheel. The cockpit, developed by FLYER, with its sophisticated, easy-to-read and uncluttered display, leaves no room for misunderstanding. FLYER's own remote has intuitively laid out buttons, is easy to use and allows gears to be changed manually and automatically in the two-gear motor so you can get going more quickly. The short wheelbase is ideal for dynamic riding, which is particularly appreciated in urban areas.

The highest level of safety and visibility is guaranteed through the incorporated headlights with full beam plus a further innovation: the rear light with its integrated brake light. The pedal assist up to 45 km/h ensures that your commute is not only stylish but also speedy.

The smart integrated battery has been seamlessly fitted into the frame and can be easily removed from the side. The robust, durable aluminium forks emphasise the sophisticated high-quality design of the FLYER U Series.


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